3 Options – You Decide 1. Create a Campaign, post on the Crowd Funding Pays Platform – Get Funded   2. Create a Product, Service, or Nonprofit initiative, build a Campaign during the Hackathon , and post to Crowd Funding Pays Platform – Get Funded   3. Complete your Hack during the Hackathon, register on Crowd Funding Pays Platform and post your Campaign within 10 days after the Hackathon – Get Funded   -Teams can consist of a maximum of 5 people. - All hacks must begin at the event with no prior code written. - You are encouraged to bring your product or service video which can be made prior to theevent. If you do not have a video to bring, we will provide resources and training to help you make a great video for your Campaign during the Hackathon.   - Third party APis and libraries allowed only if they're accessible by everyone. - All hacks must be submitted Sunday at 11 am to ChallengePost. - No soldering or open flames. - No personal WiFi hotspots. - Avoid downloading and streaming. - No moving furniture - Respect the venue.   All Campaigns Posted during the Hackathon will receive a discount of 50% off platform funding fees along with lots of free help and support to build a winning Campaign.   Minimum age to participate is 18 Years Old.  

Register at fundhack.eventbrite.com

Details can be found on fundhack.com/details.pdf

Code of Conduct at fundhack.com/code.pdf